New Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Launch,Engine,Price And Rivals

New Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Launch: It is being told. Till now this bike will be known as power full. Which has been named NS400. This naked sports bike will use the underpinnings from the NS200. Whereas its powertrain has been removed from Dominar 400.

New Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Engine

The Engine of the New Bajaj Pulsar NS400 uses the 373CC liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine of the Bajaj Dominar 400. Which is connected to 6 gear boxes. And the power output of the motor is 40 bhp and 35 Nm peak torque.

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Price of New Bajaj Pulsar NS400

New Bajaj Pulsar NS400

You all know that the value-for-money preposition of Bajaj Pulsar is higher than ours. The reporter has come to know that the Dominar 400 has been kept below. Due to which Bajaj has kept the price of the new Pulsar at Rs 2.3 lakh (ex-showroom).

New Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Launch Date

The date of launch of NS400 has been revealed according to social media. It will be launched by the end of 2024 and is likely to be launched by the second quarter (April-June 2024).

New Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Rivals

This new bike of Ducati competes with many bikes in the Indian market like Kawasaki Z H2, Indian FTR.

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