Tata Biggest Holi Offer Amazing discount offer 2024,Let’s know

Tata Biggest Holi Offer: Tata Motors has given increased discounts on vehicles on Holi offer and along with this, exchange offer offers. Tata has given discounts on car rates like the discounts given on Nexon, Tiago and Tigor.

Discounts are being given on all vehicles except the recently launched Punch EV. Let us know about the discounts on these electric cars of Tata Motors.

Tata Biggest Holi Offer details

Car ModelDiscountExchange Bonus
Nexon EV₹2.65 lakh + ₹50,000 bonus₹50,000
Nexon EV Facelift₹50,000 Green Bonus₹50,000 (2023 model) / ₹20,000 (2024 model)
Tiago EV₹50,000 Green Bonus₹15,000 (2023 model) / ₹10,000 (2024 model)
Tigor EV₹75,000 Cash Discount₹30,000
Tata Biggest Holi

Nexon EV with the biggest discount in Tata Holi Offer

If you are looking for a power-packed electric SUV, then Tata Nexon EV electric car can be a great option for you. And the amazing thing is that if you want to buy in 2023, then you are getting huge discounts on the 2023 model.

The maximum discount cashback you can get on Tata Nexon EV Max is up to Rs 2.65 lakh. And you can get a bonus of more than Rs 50 thousand. Overall, you can get a discount of up to Rs 3.15 lakh this Holi. And on this Tata Nexon EV you can get a discount of up to Rs 2.30 lakh. And you can get exchange offer up to Rs 50 thousand.

Opportunity to save on Nexon EV Facelift in Tata Biggest Holi Offer

If you want to buy the latest model, then even if there is a discount offer going on for Tata Nexon EV. But you can get a green bonus of only Rs 50 thousand on vehicles manufactured in 2023. You will get a green bonus of only Rs 20 thousand on the latest model of 2024. Tata Nexon EV facelift comes in two variants i.e. medium range and long range.

Tata Biggest Holi Offer also has great offers on Tiago and Tigor EV

Tata Tiago EV and Tigor EV are also great options for those buying a small car. Tata Tiago EV model 2023 can get a green bonus of up to Rs 50 thousand and an exchange bonus of Rs 15 thousand.

You can get a cash discount of 75 thousand rupees and an exchange offer of up to 30 thousand rupees on Tata Tigor EV. Overall, Holi will benefit up to Rs 1.05 lakh

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